Thursday, 26 May 2011

'Narrative Digital Media Project' LONDON

Screen based project based on the theme of 'Identity' i chose to interpret how i see London. 

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

'Letterform, Message and Meaning'

An experimental project taking the letter 'G' and transforming it with different typefaces. Also it shows the contrast between positive and negative space using the basic colours of black and white.

'Construction,the structure of text and image'

Experimenting with alignments in main text, 
throughout this project it made me realise of how i look at text in general and how important it is to make text easy for the reader to read.

'Photography Elective'

For 5 weeks i had an opportunity to work in a different department within my university, i chose to do photography which is a hobby of mine anyway and had some experience in the subject. My objective was to produce photograph/s relating to the subject of 'time'. I went down the route with architectural decay and how things change. 

'Typography, Letterform and Sense Of Place'

Poster based on 'Brick Lane' i produced a street sign image to create a sense of place, i filled it with adjectives to reflect the area itself.

'Letterform, Message and Meaning'

'Construction,the structure of text and image'

My leaflet design based on information from the Design Museum, the brief was to produce a leaflet and to construct it in a way we wanted.