Monday, 20 February 2012

'Critical Roles'..... Fred Goodwin

This project is still in working progress but at the start of the project we were given two issues to deal with: 

  • Bankers Bonuses 
  • Dale Farm

As its not obvious i chose to create a video on Fred Goodwin and how his knighthood got stripped, I gathered research and wanted to create an opinion FOR it being done.
Below are videos which i thought related and linked towards the subject i have been working on. Its not quite bankers bonuses but thought it was relevant to what can happen when things go wrong.

Fred Goodwin's Knighthood removal 'sends dangerous message'

 Mark Field MP Conservative, discussing his opinion towards Goodwin being stripped of his Knighthood.

News report from Channel 4 

Alistar Darling giving his opinion towards Goodwin's knighthood.