Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Overall Conclusion

Apart from the difficulty of this project i found i wanted to produce a simplistic and effective piece which effortlessly got to the point of what i wanted to address. The two issues that we were given were not something typically that any of us would probably choose which was the difficult part, of trying to portray an opinion on an issue that most of us hardly knew anything about apart from if we had seen it on the news or seen in the newspapers.

In my final cut video i have improved the audio, the order of things, the transitions and text which i feel have made a difference. I wanted the tone of my video to be quite formal and to make the reader think about the reality of the bankers world.

From the video below i hope you agree.

Final Cut

Monday, 5 March 2012

Not completed video.........

This is a rough un-finished version of my video still needs alot of editing but its a basic idea of what i want to address.

Progression (Critical Roles)

Throughout this project i researched and developed further into the Fred Goodwin case regarding his knighthood being stripped. I wanted to address the main points and involve them into a valid and interesting video.
Firstly i went through newspaper articles which i gathered and highlighted the key points which i thought was relevant that i could involve.
I also collected images which i thought were important to involve, creating an atmosphere i added a recording which i gathered from the the channel 5 news website to get a sense of commentary.